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We’re experts in restoration, repair, refinishing & maintenance of commercial surfaces. With over 30 years of experience, our team can tackle a project of any scale and complexity, from intricate design elements to expansive exterior structures. We’re serving the 9 Bay Area counties, with offices in San Francisco, Novato and Oakland.

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From window mullions and handrails to elevators, our experts work with diverse metal finishes, addressing issues like corrosion, scratches, dents, and more. We can restore surfaces to their original condition or create a brand new look, using a variety of finishing techniques. Learn More


Our experts specialize in restoring a variety of natural stone surfaces, including marble, limestone, granite, slate, terrazzo, brick, travertine, mexican tile, and more. Using specialized techniques, we’ll bring your stone back to its pristine condition and preserve it for years to come. Learn More


Whether it's ornate wooden paneling, Victorian stairs, antique furniture, or modern fixtures like doors, reception desks, conference tables, we can promptly deal with any type of damage, restoring the beauty and functionality of your wood and protecting it against wear. Learn More

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Stone Cleaning & Polishing

Concrete Floor Restoration

Scratch & Vandalism Repair

Metal Refinishing

Cracks & Chips Repair

Epoxy Flooring Services

Wood Refinishing

Metal Painting

Sealing & Anti Etch Protection

Wood Touch-Ups & Polish

Color Change


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Tailored Solutions for Diverse Commercial Properties


We efficiently solve any commercial restoration or refinishing issues in office buildings of all sizes and a variety of industries, including satellite offices, business parks, and high-rise properties.


From repaired facades and dining surfaces to gleaming polished bar rails and fixtures, our restoration team will help craft a gorgeous backdrop for your guests' exceptional dining experience.


BA Stone restores malls, plazas, retail and luxury brand stores with minimum disruption to business operations, helping create a durable environment that will keep customers coming back.


First impressions matter in the hospitality industry. Our crew will expertly restore and maintain all types of surfaces to elevate the luxury of your hotel and ensure guests have a memorable stay.


Our reliable restoration solutions will prevent damage and extend the lifespan of your warehouse. We repair metal, wood, stone, concrete, and epoxy surfaces to maintain safety and functionality.


Timely restoration and maintenance of industrial buildings are crucial to the structural integrity and safety of a workplace. We perform repairs quickly and with minimal interruption to your operations.

HOA & Multifamily Property

Rely on our team to keep your community's property looking its best for tenants and potential buyers. We professionally renew lobbies, patios, balconies, and other common areas.


Our team is trained and equipped to work with older buildings that require special historic restoration. We will help preserve your landmark's historical value and beauty for years to come.

Why Choose Us

We specialize in handling big commercial properties, where the restoration job is different from smaller projects. Our tailored approach is designed to meet the unique needs of your business.

We understand the need to keep your business running, no matter what. Efficient planning, coordination and execution let us deliver with minimal disruptions, even when deadlines are tight.

We're passionate about breathing new life into surfaces instead of replacing them. Our mission is to educate you on proper maintenance, so you can avoid costly repairs down the line.

What Our Clients Say

The elevator lobby in our building needed some attention, and BA Stone provided all necessary services with minimal downtime and disruption. Their technicians expertly cleaned our heavily tarnished brass doors and got them back in service promptly. They also restored the lobby marble floor that faded in areas of high traffic. Now, both the doors and the floors look brand new. We're extremely happy with the service and highly recommend BA Stone to anyone looking for quality work.

Glenn D.

I worked with BA Stone for stone flooring cleaning and sealing in our 45,000 SF office building. Bill and his team responded promptly, provided a clear estimate, and did an excellent job. We certainly plan to work with them on future projects. Highly recommended!

Jacob K.

Bay Area Stone did a tremendous job refinishing our hardwood floors after water damage (every business owner’s nightmare). It was a big job, but without all the mess you’d expect for a project like that. I returned to a spotless space with the floors looking as good as new. I’m impressed with the level of commitment Bill and the team put into their work. Outstanding customer service and professional work.

Katrina O.

About Us

Bay Area Stone is a professional restoration team with over three decades of experience in transforming commercial spaces. Whether your facility’s surfaces require maintenance, extensive repair, or a total makeover, you can rely on our qualified crew to expertly handle the job, enhancing your property’s value and your company’s image.


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